What do a successful television actress and a weed dealing bartender have in common? Not a whole lot but the cloudiness alcohol dulls the senses, the part of Rachel Berry that knew she shouldn’t have hooked up with Noah Puckerman disappeared.

It’s been weeks since their hook up and Rachel is getting ready for the second season of her hit show Triumph to start. Just one little problem though, she just found out she’s pregnant and without a doubt Noah Puckerman in the father.

Loosely based of the film Knocked Up with some Glee twists thrown in.

RP takes place in LA.

Currently a 5X5 RP but we are open to adding other ships.

Endgames: Puckleberry, Finntana, Tartie, Fabang & Jarley.

Finn Hudson
Santana Hudson
Artie Abrams
Tina Cohen-Chang

All have 24 hours to become active.

Quinn Fabray

Ha 24 hours to send in her account.

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So very sorry for the delay life has been a bit crazy the last few days. We loved your app Clarissa and we can’t wait to have you join as Quinn.

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Quinn Fabray - 1

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Please unfollow Quinn and Brody. The players have decided to leave the RP and we wish them the best. Their roles are now open for audition. 

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Now that we have a full cast it is time to get down to business. 

First of all the RP isn’t just about show or a singular character. We very much want this to be a group RP and for everyone to have fun. 

With that being said we can’t ignore that the show is a major plot point for several characters here and we need to make sure everyone is on the same page in regards to what is happening on a weekly basis. 

To do this we’d like to post a weekly outline every Sunday about what they’ll be working on the next week and the general theme of the episode. 

This week they are just getting back into the groove of being on set. They’ve received their first script, which is them all going back for the new school year and introduces Brody and Marley’s characters. Quinn and Rachel both have two solos this episode which is a charge for Rachel since she only had one solo the first episode of last season. They are doing costume fittings, recording songs and Friday will be their first read through of the script. 

I’m leaving things a bit vague this week but that is so we can discuss the details of the episode in the OOC blog. We’ll do this every Friday and Saturday. We can get a general idea of what will happen. If you need something to take place for a plot point please let us know and we’ll do our very best to work it into the episode so that it makes sense. 

If you have any questions please feel free to get with either of the admins. 

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We loved your app for Brody, Court. We’re excited to RP with you and to officially have all our roles filled. 

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  • Brody was born and raised in New York, New York. Both of his parents were famous actors, giving him very little chance to have a real childhood. He started acting at a young age and won his first Emmy when he was ten years old. Brody took a break from acting to attend college in California, getting back into the business as soon as he graduated. He was one of Hollywood’s heartthrobs, making him very popular among teenage girls.

  • Even though he loves doing movies, Brody decided to give television a try. Dozens of shows wanted him on their show as soon as word got out that he was switching to TV, but he fell in love with Triumph. He’s hoping that he made the right decision and that he’ll enjoy his new job.

Endgame: Westbray

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We received a lovely audition for Quinn. Can’t wait for you to join us as Miss Fabray, F.

Please send an ask from the account you’ll be using so we can link you to the OOC blog.

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