What do a successful television actress and a weed dealing bartender have in common? Not a whole lot but the cloudiness alcohol dulls the senses, the part of Rachel Berry that knew she shouldn’t have hooked up with Noah Puckerman disappeared.

It’s been weeks since their hook up and Rachel is getting ready for the second season of her hit show Triumph to start. Just one little problem though, she just found out she’s pregnant and without a doubt Noah Puckerman in the father.

Loosely based of the film Knocked Up with some Glee twists thrown in.

RP takes place in LA.

Currently a 5X5 RP but we are open to adding other ships.

Endgames: Puckleberry, Finntana, Tartie, Fabang & Jarley.

We received a lovely audition for Quinn. Can’t wait for you to join us as Miss Fabray, F.

Please send an ask from the account you’ll be using so we can link you to the OOC blog.


OOC Name: F
OOC Age: 21+
Time Zone: CST
Activity Level (scale of 1-10):  6/10
Link to current/recent RP blog: Removed
Password (if you have read the rules this is easy):Removed


Character Name: Quinn Fabray
DOB/Age: December 25th/24
Ships: Fabang, Quinn/Happiness
Anti Ships: Quinn/Forced
Bio (please add a minimum of two dot points):

  • Quinn grew up living in what she liked to refer to as a house of mirrors.  Her life was nothing more than an illusion.  Her unhappy and dissatisfied parents raised her to be a pretty face with no real substance.  That’s why when she was admitted as an out of state resident at UCLA her parents were in absolute shock.  They hadn’t even known she applied.  While going to school, she continued to audition for roles and eventually landed a spot on Triumph.   She made it a point to graduate from college, so that if her acting career ever did come to an end, she had something to fall back on. 
  • Quinn is currently single and despite what people have come to think about her is looking for true love.  She doesn’t want to have a marriage like her parents did.  She wants one based on love, respect and mutual goals.

Writing Sample: Removed for privacy.

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